Information required for any quotation:

1. The rough dimensions of the artwork.

2. Whether it is to be painted directly onto a surface on site and if so then the site location and maximum working height, or whether a physical board needs to be fabricated which will later be installed.

3. A rough indication of the lettering or pictorial style. This could be shown through attached images or description. This is simply a starting point as I am always happy to discuss design options in order to create the most suitable artwork for yourself or your business.

4. The text or pictorial elements you would like painted. 

5. Any painted effects you would like such a drop shadow, outlines, spray paint/graffiti, distressed effects or gold leaf gilding. You can reference any examples shown in my portfolio or provide alternative examples.

Please note the main aspects to pricing are any specialised materials and the level of detail required which therefore equals more labour.

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